The Plots To 80’s Movies When Watched Backwards

I was watching youtube and while spacing off, had to keep rewinding whatever it was I was watching which made me completely forget what exactly it was that I was watching. I wondered if movies were the same way.  Here are the plots of famous 80’s movies if you were to watch them backwards.


JAWS – A shark vomits an old angry man up onto a boat then disappears for the rest of the movie. People gradually get happier.


THE LOST BOYS – There’s a house party full of dead vampires that come to life. One decides he’s had enough of that life and joins the living. The rest of his crew accept his decision and go to live in a cave and ride motorcycles. They cross each other’s paths every once in a while until they grow apart, eventually becoming total strangers.


PREDATOR – An alien is created through nuclear fusion and surprises the winner of a commando mud wrestling tournament in the jungles of South America.  The commando cleans himself up and finds the rest of the combatants while evading the alien. The commandos signal a chopper and fast-rope onto it and fly away to safety.  The hunter-alien becomes frustrated and slaughters the mud-wrestling champion’s companion special ops team, then leaves.


SIXTEEN CANDLES – Jake and Sam are having a private party, kissing over a cake with 16 candles to commemorate Samantha’s 16th birthday. Later that night, Jake’s Rolls Royce pulls up and out gets the class geek with his love interest.  Jake looks over a yearbook and crumbles up Sam’s number, tells the geek it’s ok and gives him a pair of Sam’s panties. The geek shows everyone Sam’s panties and gives them money.

Eventually the geek gives Sam back her panties in the auto shop of the high school and they’re cordial to each other. Asian sensation Long Duk Dong dances with his face in some boobs and Sam goes home to find out her sister is getting married and gets depressed.


THE TERMINATOR – A robot is build in a factory from crushed parts by a woman who is very efficient at building robots. It gets possessed and comes to life. As it goes around a city that was the victim of mass casualties, the terminator shoots the bodies with guns that bring them back to life. Not knowing what happened, they newly-alive bodies fight for moments with the terminator which transfers skin to the exoskeleton, eventually turning the terminator into a human being that is sent off into the future for some reason.  Two people also randomly have sex.


WEIRD SCIENCE – Two studs and their girlfriend throw parties. Eventually the girl gets super-kinky and wants them to use electronics on her. They do so and she implodes into a doll and her bra and panties land on their heads.


THE KARATE KID – During a karate tournament, good friends Daniel (with a pre-existing leg injury) and Johnny are forced to fight. Daniel hits Johnny with an illegal head kick and Johnny retaliates by un-sweeping Daniel’s leg, fixing it completely.

They ignore each other during a cooling off period wherein Daniel’s girlfriend slowly distances herself from him because of the illegal kick and moves toward Johnny.  In an act of revenge, Daniel plays possum around down and when Johnny and his crew find him, they try to help him up and Daniel reacts by flopping around, running away and acting erratic.  So much so that Daniel’s Karate trainer, Mr. Miyagi gives up on him and retreats to a life as a handyman at a run down apartment building.  As a result, Daniel’s karate ability diminishes, Johnny and the girl become a couple at a beach party and Daniel moves away with him mom to New Jersey.



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