scott vincent serial killer

4 Serial Killers That You Should Look At In A New Light

Serial killers are bad because they kill people, and killing people serially is generally frowned upon. However, there are some famous killers that have reached almost mythical levels from their deeds. What’s even more insane, is that when given a… Read More ›

Evil (shown fertilized)

Top 6 Places That Prove Evil Is Alive – And After Your Soul

Do you know why we as a people like weird stuff?  Because it goes against what we know as real and feasible.  We like anything that can prove reality is something we don’t completely fathom…like why Lindsay Lohan is still… Read More ›

beware of raptor

4 Incredible Facts You Want To Know (and how to make Pac-man sounds)

They say that you learn something new every day. That’s probably true unless you’re hungover for 30 straight hours.  But even then you’ll probably learn something new…like how you and tequila don’t mix, or how you can still wet your bed… Read More ›


5 Crazy And Unsolved Mysteries In The Mountains

Unsolved mysteries are always pretty badass to read.  Unsolved mountain mysteries are even badasser.  The reason is that mountains are remote, and there’s always the dream that you’ll be up hiking one day and discover something that the world wrote… Read More ›

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