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6 People Who Lost Their Damn Minds

Sometimes you’ve had it with the man.  Maybe the courts move a little slower than you’d like, maybe you’ve been wronged through no fault of your own, or maybe you just hate people not obeying the rules (Bunnyman).  Regardless of… Read More ›

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10 True American Sports Moments That Are Borderline Fictitious

Sports are something special. They’re the epitome of competition, providing exciting games, competitive trials and at times, phenoms that seem to be light years ahead of themselves where skill and performance is concerned. Mix these all together and dash in… Read More ›


5 Crazy And Unsolved Mysteries In The Mountains

Unsolved mysteries are always pretty badass to read.  Unsolved mountain mysteries are even badasser.  The reason is that mountains are remote, and there’s always the dream that you’ll be up hiking one day and discover something that the world wrote… Read More ›

Together they make chupacabras

Top 5 Reasons Bigfoot Doesn’t Exist

Everybody likes to believe in something – Wishes, fate, happy endings (of both the storybook and shady massage nature) and even Bigfoot.  It’s nice hope that something is real.  Don’t get me wrong, I love believing in Bigfoot as much as the… Read More ›

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