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Beginner Tips To Help Your Kimura

The kimura (reverse ude-garame) is one of those techniques that everyone loves to learn. It’s just that the UFC has given the impression that you just jerk someone’s arm up-and-back until they tap…do that and you won’t be winning very… Read More ›

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Jiu Jitsu (In a neck-shell)

Someone in class has been consistent in asking me about submissions.  For the last two weeks it has been, “I need more submissions”.  I insure them that needing more submissions probably isn’t the case.  They disagreed so we rolled.  After… Read More ›


Top 5 Badass Martial Arts Movie Stars From The 70’s And 80’s

For those in their 30’s, you’ll understand.  For those who are older, you’ll probably pay no mind, and for those younger than 30, well…prepare to be schooled on the most badass kung-fu / ninja / karate / Choo-choo and woo-woo… Read More ›

K3 to R2; KP1 to Q3; Q2 to R1 SUBMIT-mate (that was stupid)

Jiu Jitsu Isn’t Chess, It’s Growing Up

So you hear all the time that Jiu Jitsu is like chess….I agree to an extent, as long as you’re referring to strategy. But if you think about it, the rules are fairly different.  For instance, I was in the… Read More ›

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