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13 Serial Killer Quotes

There are some really, really, really bad people in the world.  What is dumfounding is that sometimes you have a very strong desire to get into their heads just to see if you can figure out what made them go… Read More ›

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5 Martial Arts Videos That You Need To See (if you have 10 minutes to kill)

Ok, ok…”need” is a strong word.  But if you haven’t seen Bruce Lee actually spar or a muay thai fighter kick someone in the nuts on the invitation of the kickee, well then “need” is the appropriate word.  If you… Read More ›

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Odd Theories About The Zodiac Killer

The Zodiac Killer got away with it.  For 40 years different theories have come up on why and how he was never caught – from police ineptitude to the multiple killer theory to him simply being…well, clever. Here are some… Read More ›

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4 Serial Killers That You Should Look At In A New Light

Serial killers are bad because they kill people, and killing people serially is generally frowned upon. However, there are some famous killers that have reached almost mythical levels from their deeds. What’s even more insane, is that when given a… Read More ›

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