4 Fake BJJ Black Belts That Will Piss You Off

The cool thing about Brazilian jiu jitsu, is that it is impossible to fake.  The whole art is based on years upon years of practice, drilling and rolling before you reach the point of taking what your opponent gives you.  It’s also… Read More ›

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5 Martial Arts Videos That You Need To See (if you have 10 minutes to kill)

Ok, ok…”need” is a strong word.  But if you haven’t seen Bruce Lee actually spar or a muay thai fighter kick someone in the nuts on the invitation of the kickee, well then “need” is the appropriate word.  If you… Read More ›

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6 People Who Lost Their Damn Minds

Sometimes you’ve had it with the man.  Maybe the courts move a little slower than you’d like, maybe you’ve been wronged through no fault of your own, or maybe you just hate people not obeying the rules (Bunnyman).  Regardless of… Read More ›

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